First get a reference to the VoiceLayerMessagePlayer:

VoiceLayerMessagePlayer player = client.getMessagePlayer();

optionally you can set a listener for playback events:

player.setPlayerEventListener(new VoiceLayerPlayerEventListener() {

    public void onMessagePlaybackStarted(VoiceLayerMessage message) {
        // Called when a message starts playing.

    public void onMessagePlaybackPaused(VoiceLayerMessage message) {
        // Called when message playback is paused.

    public void onMessagePlaybackResumed(VoiceLayerMessage message) {
        // Called when message playback resumes.

    public void onMessagePlaybackFinished(VoiceLayerMessage message) {
        // Called when message playback finishes.

    public void onMessagePlaybackStopped(VoiceLayerMessage message) {
        // Called when message playback is stopped.

    public void onMessagePlaybackFailed(VoiceLayerMessage message, VoiceLayerException exception) {
        // Called when message playback fails.


Play a Message


Pause Playback


After playback has been paused, player.isPaused() will return true.

Resume Playback


After playback has been resumed, player.isPlaying() will return true.

Stop Playback