Basic Usage

The SDK is comprised of several components you can use in your application:

  • VoiceLayerClient
    • The client manages the connection to the VoiceLayer server and allows you to create and query channels, messages, and users.
  • VoiceLayerObject
    • This is the base class for the following SDK objects.
      • VoiceLayerUser
        • Represents an individual user in the system.
      • VoiceLayerChannel
        • A channel is a named "chat room" where users can send and receive messages.
      • VoiceLayerMessage
        • Represents a text, voice, or attachment message.
      • VoiceLayerAttachment
        • Represents a file attachment associated with a specific channel.
  • VoiceLayerMessagePlayer
    • Manages playback of incoming voice messages.
  • VoiceLayerMessageRecorder
    • Manages recording of outgoing voice messages.