VoiceLayer Events

The VoiceLayer events system triggers realtime events to the clients. The events are:



To start receiving realtime events, a connection must be established with the server. Using websockets, connection can be opened using the following URL:


The value of <<JWT_TOKEN>> should be a valid JWT token for the current user/app combination. e.g.

  iat: 1437068430,
  jti: "802057ff9b5b4eb7fbb8856b6eb2cc5b",
  sub: "7e3b04c27313b5fc9cfa527fbd59c915"
  iss: "8b39c8157d8adb35dc2f40fb6fd9c4af"

This payload should be signed with your app secret.

Once connected, there is no need to explicitly subscribe to the channels for the user. The server handles this automatically.